Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tips for buying a used car

1. Determine the purpose of buying a used car, determine the type of used cars that will be purchased by the user. For example, when used for trade or business, choose a car that offers big capacity and fuel efficiency. Or for the office, choose the line with your style, comfortable and fuel efficient.
2. Calculate how much your financial ability to buy a used car.
3. If you've set the type / model and brand, you can recommendations from friends who had used the targeted car. Find lots of information from their respective car brands including resale price, performance, availability of after-sale service components. If you've decided which car to buy, this is the sign-rambunya:
4. Do not carry emotions to soon have a car, the head must remain cool. Leave a seller if the price offered is too high, although the former dream car is waiting.
5. Try you know the market price of a used car that you seek. Used car pricing information you get from the media / site car lots scattered around the Internet today.
6. Buying a used car can also buy the issues from another person. Make sure you already know the history of the used car including maintenance. Dig the info as much as possible if ever burns, accidents, down the engine, etc..

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