Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin cars reflect the aesthetic power of ideas combined with technology. This maker of the popular sports car in Warwickshire, England, now hold their own in front of its competitors with modern DB9 GT sports car. The name 'DB' is derived from D avid B rown, owner of Aston Martin. DB9 model designed by Ian Callum, elder brother of the famous car-designer from the UK.

The expertise of Aston Martin has identified key factors of their car. There are exceptions to itu.mobil DB9 sports concept Aston is all about character and driver involvement. Identify needs in the streets has become a major challenge for this car maker and it is the reason why they developed the perfect sports car with aerodynamic efficiency.

The body panels of the DB9 is made of lightweight aluminum and its composites. Lightweight materials, combined with the aerodynamic body, remove all doubts about its performance. A very light body that weighs 1710kg been impossible to complete a V12-powered sports cars until the arrival of 2006 Martin DB9 Aston.Dan speed? An awesome 186mph!

Interesting feature of this band is the perfect sculpted body panels, 19-inch alloy wheels, titanium wheel nuts lateral air vents and door handles hidden pop-ups. 6.1cubic foot trunk occupies a mere. Remarkably, he brought twelve-cylinder and all of them weighing about two tons.

Change gear system in the DB9 is an interesting part of the job. Its pretty much switch between luxury cars and racing cars. Touchtronic manual mode enables gear changes using a paddle behind the steering wheel, and a choice of automatic gear change allows gear changes according to various driving conditions.

DB9 instrument panel that comes with a difference. The tachometer is used in the DB9 to walk in a counter-clockwise direction and has no red lines to indicate the rpm limit. Rpm limit is indicated by a red warning light when the vehicle reached the red line.

Launched in 2004, as a replacement for older models, DB7, DB9 brought record sales to the company. This car is fast and hold the expedition in the New Year to stop the challenge to kompetitornya.Penjualan DB9 has crossed 5000 units per year, a figure that rivals, Ferrari F430 and 911 Porschetelah bragging to. This has encouraged loyalists DB9 DB9 to increase production from the previous model.

DB9 has become a favorite among sports car enthusiasts since its launch. It is used both as a convertible two-seat band and a 2 +2 coupe with an additional rear seat. titanium wheel nuts are able to lower the ride height of about 6mm, and thus offers easy suspension modifications as needed.

DB9 has become a popular choice of sports car lovers because of affordability is important-the best features of transmission, and performance.

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