Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cool cars are not Ever Mass Produced

Ford Airstream concept

 Earlier times, we know of a steam train, but now the big car manufacturers like Ford have started exhibiting his work is a car with steam tnaga. This car only needs water which can be electric and does not require fossil fuels, so this car is definitely environmentally friendly.
Toyota i-Real concept:  

Toyota launched a personal vehicle that is amazing. By taking the concept of "personal transportation. " toyota create a vehicle similar to that in the scooter like a young child and is similar to that in a wheelchair like a parent. Maybe if the car is mass produced, will be a lot of reservations.
Nissan NV200 concept:  

difficult to explain the concept car created by Nissan on this. What is certain is the concept car with a trunk like bread in a plastic bag (waduh ane also confused neranginnya gan, agan mending liat aja deh pictnya) 


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