Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pagani Zonda C12 S

The Pagani Zonda is a supercar manufactured famous in Italy. There are various models in this series include C12, C12 S, C12 S 7.3, F C12 and R Clubsport However, this article will be mainly about the supercar S C12.Produksi began in the early years of 2001 and stopped in the years to the end of 2002 , with a total of 15 S C12 supercar racing car diproduksi.Desain framework was created by renowned designer Horacio Pagani's, displaying his creativity is a car, sporting a sleek aerodynamically designed.

supercar on different lines and elegant air intakes adjusted externally with a pointed nose. Rear spoiler is also designed to reduce aerodynamic pressure design with a 'split'. This cabin is located further forward than the car's most visible today. This is mainly because it leaves extra room for high-performance motor located inside the frame. There are a lot of controversy with the side mirror positions out of fear that they may be in a corner of a very high making them unsafe, but was released after extensive testing by the authorities.

Engine in this super car is a V12, 7.0 L AMG 550 PS. This is a very efficient performance and high engine but one downside is that parts, if damaged is very expensive to replace and difficult to come. Air intake system completely handmade to ensure maximum quality and give the unit looks impressive. This unit has a maximum output of 555 bhp is far more than the average car owner needs. The emergence of super cars are very sleek and expensive and we can also say this about the motor.

Finished interior is very luxurious supercars consisting of materials such as leather, carbon with satin finishing of aluminum and other precious metals. Interior Finish ends with stereo surround sound featuring a multi-loading CD changer, a mini computer to display a satellite map of the surrounding area and various output AC units. Design a chair is something new that the manufacturer has chosen to do and they are much more comfortable than the previous seats that Pagani has produced.

In conclusion, the Pagani Zonda C12 S were very luxury sports car, made by famous manufacturers and known in order to provide excellent interior and exterior design and powerful engine made by Mercedes. For this price range you will not buy this one sports car over another model with a different car manufacturers. Because of this supercar is not mass produced, it ensures maximum quality with many aspects of the hand car and assembled. With just saw a photo of this sports car you can see how handsome and expensive look and it will greatly affect the individual's status symbol.

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