Thursday, February 3, 2011

2500 USD Tata Car Worth Now Ready Tripe Out Mumbai Streets

Have long felt there was a Tata car, this would be waiting long enough for those who are waiting to see if a lottery winner to be able to have the Tata car the first time with a price range of $ 2,500 or about 25 million dollars only. So many people who want to be the first to have a fairly small car is very very cheap. Obviously this has been helped themselves to the manufacturers who developed the car Tata Nano and now the wait is finally fulfilled.

Present for the first time in Mumbai, India with a price like that is offered $ 2,500 and of course now that car production had reached a period when it was time the car is owned by the people of Mumbai. And as the first person who was lucky to have this cute car, fell to Ashok Vichare who said that he bought this car because the car is quite cute and very cheap at all, even the least expensive in India.

It is reported that to be able to determine who becomes the first man, conducted the lottery method so that the first name that comes out will be the first owner of this car. For availability alone, car Tata now there are about 100,000 units and is still waiting for the lucky ones who have this car further. Hmmm, you are interested to have it? Just pray, hope the car is cute and cheap someday get into Indonesia.

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