Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Subaru Celeno Work Xuacu Perez Quesada

If we look at Subaru's lineup now-now tend to look boring. Starting from the level of STI to the lowest level of the WRX. But it would be refreshing if someone comes with bringing a new idea into this brand. In the case of Celeno people who designed this car design is Xuacu Perez Quesada.

Mr.Quesada exiled for Italdesign, and received his MA in Transportation Design from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, he is obviously not someone who likes to play around with computers and some photosop skills. Celeno Subaru Subaru is the interpretation of small Quesada with some BMW EfficientDynamics Visions in it. Coupe four-door that hold down the groove shape such hypotheses created by the owner of the Subaru Hybrid Tourer

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