Thursday, February 3, 2011

James Bond's Car Sold U.S. $ 4 million

Silver Aston Martin car that had been a weapon in the James Bond films sold U.S. $ 4 million at auction in London. The new owner of this Bond car is Harry Yeaggy, collector from Ohio, USA. Yeaggy revealed he was notplans to to buy Aston Martin DB5 model this . "I think this car will be purchased European collectors. But then I think their appreciation of the Bond is not for us, "said Yeaggy. Having declared the winner of the auction, he drove Bond in the streets of London before placing it in a museum in Ohio. Especially for Bond
Bond car was made in 1964 and capable of driving at speeds 145 miles per hour. This car was driven by Bond actor, Sean Connery, the movies Goldfinger and Thunderball. The car is equipped with sophisticated equipment such as launcher seats, plate number that can be rotated, and the bulletproof shield on the back.
Aston Martin was deliberately create this car for Bond films. Because of appearing in a Bond film, the name of the British car company known around the world

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