Friday, February 11, 2011

Onuk Sazan Supercar fromTurkey

Sporty and lightweight this is the first impression when I saw this supercar from Turkey, what about you now see this car? whether to have the same opinion?. if yes, then what is promised by the designer and prototype of Turkey for this car is really achieved. Dr. Ekber Onuk designers of this car that promises to give the impression of great strength in a lightweight package or vehicle. To commemorate his son named Kaan "Sazan" Onuk a technique makasiswa who died from a car accident in 1996, the Dr. Ekber Onuk supercar design and gave him a name that is Onuk Sazan.

Sazan Onuk designation that is given by the designer is the name of his son, not known for sure why the designer would prefer mendisan car to his daughter rather than doing something else. What is certain is refined thanks to the cold hand of the designer Supercar car looks sporty, lightweight and highly-powered, rear-wheel car plans will be in production only 5 units

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