Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pagani Zonda F

One of the fastest ever supercar, the Pagani Zonda F was the winner of the stable famous Italian sports car manufacturer, Pagani. Finish the mind-blowing, and the fit is possible because the construction of a modern carbon fiber that has been in the supercar Pagani forte for a long time sekarang.Styling superior sports car Pagani Zonda F means that the real competition for colleagues produced by other giants such as the leading car Ferrari and Porsche.
Pagani Zonda F is a special edition car which took another modification of the home Pagani sports car, the C12-S Monza. The whole package though is far superior and more attractive packaging. The result is more robust but lightweight supercar that combines the best technology and styling. Secret incredibly fast speed of this car lies in aerodynamic design. Minutes every aspect in the design has been done with aerodynamics in mind. Even relocated mirror is a good example for the attention to detail. The window is placed in such a way so as to facilitate air flow is not terganggu.Penebar rear and large front splitter meant that stabilization 'wings' in a sports car created under the strong force. This allows the car was fast becoming very stable even at speeds of cutting-edge technology tinggi.Penggunaan clear when it comes to the braking system of a sports car. Center of gravity low and flat design of this car is designed in such a way that the supercar came to screeching halt even when running at high speed.
The Pagani Zonda F sports car raised from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of 3.6 seconds. This amazing sports car is designed to achieve a top speed of 214 mph / 345 km / hr. All the awesome power in the Zonda F is produced from a powerful engine of Mercedes-Benz V 12. 7.3 liter engine capable of producing 620 bhp defeat of pulsed power. There is also a version of 'sports clubs of sports car Pagani Zonda F which is derived tersedia.Model allows for 650 bhp. Bigger brakes in a fast car means instant good braking on the highway or in town. Wheels come with the latest titanium wheel nuts. This is in addition you can also find that most of the decorations in the supercar made of carbon fiber. All specifications substantially reduce the weight of a sports car. The car weighs about 1230 pounds with an empty fuel tank.
Chrome-molybdenum alloys and other aluminum alloys used in sports cars make for excellent styling offered. It has leather upholstery selected. Fine workmanship has gone into making race car lights, luxurious and fast. Once you tweak the key and the engine comes alive, you will feel that the Pagani Zonda F sports car literally slices through the air. In addition to speed, care has been taken to incorporate the latest safety features in cars fast. Instrumental panel user-friendly, which is ergonomically designed and placed, is one good example of attention to details. Another good example for this aspect will be a steering wheel 'Nardi'. Anyone driving this car would feel as if his / her hands directly in contact with the surface with the steering system. Fantastic combination of aesthetics and power of what you get with the Pagani Zonda F.

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